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In the modern world Parachuting or skydiving is a very familiar term to all. Skydiving is a method of transiting from a high point to Earth with the aid of gravity, with controlling the speed during the descent with the use of parachute. It is very thrilling activities free fall from the high ground or from the plane.

The history of skydiving and and it’s evolution as follows;

Andre-Jacques Garnerin was the first to make successful descents using a canvas canopy from a small basket tethered beneath a hot-air balloon. The first intentional free fall jump with a ripcord-operated deployment is credited to Leslie Irvin in 1919.Initially parachuting was an emergency procedure used to save the lives among the airman who were unable to safely land from the aircraft. Soon there after entrepreneurs and daredevils among the civilian intentionally starred to parachute jumps during barnstorming flying shows. The military began to use them intentional jumps for the development of the combat troupes.

It was the enthusiasts the civilians and military stared parachuting as sport. During early stage participant pass more time telling the story in the bar due to physical hardship of the sport. Early competitions held in  1930s, and it became an international sport in 1952. In the mid-1950s the France jumper converted the “Iron Cross” stable free fall position.



The parachutists maintained a face- to- earth, flat- and-stable body position. It was discovered that the faster the skydiver fell, the more control over his body in free fall. After 12 seconds in the free fall the human body in a face- to- earth position reaches its terminal velocity of 120 miles per hour.

Originally official world of parachuting involved in landing via canopy in specific target. In 1960 a free fall event call “style was started as a competition. Each skydiver should perform a 360-degree turn and back loops.

I n 1958, two skydivers existed in the same aircraft and exchanged the balloon for the first time. They were fall to word each other in a 176 feel per second. By the mid- to –late 1960s relative works in order to fly together grew popularity and to do that they need to get identical terminal velocity

Skydiver became to adept at maneuvering themselves at a common place in the sky. First time they started to link themselves and make most common formation by holding hands in the sky and known as “star”.

In 1969, a championship introduced named, “United states National Parachuting Championships” involving 4 and 10 members in each team. Most of the early relative works were done in the United States of America by a small group skydiver especially from southern California. These pioneer group formed the 1970 United States Free fall Exhibition Team which attended World Parachuting Championships in Yugoslavia in that year. There, they demonstrated how relative work was done to skydivers from around the world.

In 1973 the first time, World Cup of Relative Work was held in the Ft. Bragg of North Carolina. In 1975, the First Official World Championships of Relative Work were held i n West Germany.

In 1975, during the First World Championships of Relative Work, United States

Free fall Exhibition Team demonstrated its innovative flying techniques among the audience of skydiver. They projected a movie depicting these free fall maneuvers and the reaction was overwhelming. It was the major event in the skydiving history. Overnight, rules and the direction of skydiving changed.

In 1976, the “World Cup of Relative Work” in South Africa introduced 4-and 8-Way Events,  to perform a sequence of formations. The events of the World Championships of Relative Work have continued in this direction since 1977.

The skill of free fall flying has reached incredible precision. The 8-man team from the United State s holds the world record of sixteen formations completed within 50 seconds existing from the aircraft. On the other hand, the 4-man team from the Soviet Union holds that record with 21 formations.

Skydivers are very aggressive and innovative breed still they are searching of new horizons. The sky is their limit.

181 women skydiving formation

181 women skydiving formation

Most Thrilling  Records of History of Skydiving

On October 24, 2014, Alan Eustace achieved the highest parachute jump in history, jumping from 135,890 feet (41,422 m) and drogue-falling for 4 and a half minutes.

World’s largest formation in free-fall was in 8 February 2006 in Thailand (400 linked persons in free fall).

Largest female-only formation: 181 women from 26 countries who jumped from nine planes at 17,000 feet (5150 meters), in 2009.

World’s largest head down formation (vertical formation): 31 July 2015 at Skydive Chicago in U.S. (164 linked skydivers in head to Earth attitude).

Ever largest female head down formation (vertical formation): 30 November 2013 at Skydive Arizona, U.S. (63 linked skydivers in head to Earth attitude).

Most parachute jumps, by Don Kellner with a total of over 42,000 jumps.

Frank Moody The Oldest Skydiver, aged 101, made a tandem jump on 6 June 2004.

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