History of Table Tennis (History of ping pong)

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In the world today table tennis is the most popular sport in the world. The game helps a player in making a fast decision in returning the ball to the opponent in a proper and accurate manner. Any time you try to play the game yourself you begin to realize that you just have to keep your eyes on the high speed travelling ball so that you will be ready to hit it with your table tennis racquet or paddle

The game table tennis was derived from the game called Royal Tennis, which is a popular game during the mediaeval days in the continent called Europe. During the 1880s this game suddenly became a fashionable game after dinner of social activities that is usually played by the upper class people in England. The game functioned as the dinner table playing surface, a row of books piled up is used as net and the household items was used as rackets.

The quickest look back at history finds that David Foster was the one that created the first ever fashion of the game in the year 1890. Table tennis also known as ping pong and was created in England, it is a very popular indoor fashion game compared to other fashions of game like football and cricket respectively. Later, the London based John Jacques introduces what is called Gossima. This game is made of a net that has a 30 centimeter height, paddles and just a tiny ball which was made with cork.

James Gibb a British enthusiast was the one that discovered a small hollow balls in the United States as far back as 1890 after which he returned to England with his ideas and the balls. Some scholars credited him (James Gibb) not for any other reason but for coining the name of the game as Ping Pong. According to some legends the name ping pong came from the noise being heard from the playing and hitting of the paddles used in playing the game. Later in 1901 the official name of the game ping Pong was registered officially by James Jacques.

Not so long game competition was becoming fiercer while a lot of players started experimenting with one equipment or another in order to accelerate the speed of the game so as to make it more interesting and entertaining also. The English man named E.C Goode further transformed the game in 1902. Pebble rubber was added to the paddle that was been used to play the game by Goode. This rubber made things more easier to help spin the ball faster and this eventually resulted to a dramatic change in this game and this discovery quickly led to more production firm producing more rubber pimped racket that was accepted to be the popular table tennis racket until 1952.

Interestingly, ping pong began to more popular in Europe entirely with few year of great popularity while a few enthusiasts kept the game more livelily in eastern part of Europe. In 1920 interest began to be rekindled after a long decline in 1920s so during this time table tennis was established in England and the first set was standardized.

In the year 1926 the International table tennis Federation (ITTF) was coined and countries like Austria, Denmark, Germany, England, Hungary, India, Wales Sweden and Czechoslovakia were the founding members. The Federation adopted the English rules and regulations and also used the rules for international matches both in the match that was played in Berlin in 1926 which happened to be the first ever international tournament.

Europe dominated table tennis sports in 1920s and 1950s. While in 1952 Jiroji Satoh a Japanese player suddenly became notorious for using a wooden racket that is covered with sponge rubber while he became the first player from outside Europe to win the championship.

As table tennis was becoming more popular, Chinese gradually started dominating the force in the table tennis international world and they have succeeded in maintaining that position even up till now.

The future of table tennis continues to be bright in as much as long as people around the world continues to enjoy ping pong and continue to find the sport exhilarating, there is obviously no end to its potential. It may eventually be responsible for world peace making of eventually it may be the first game that will be will be welcomed by creatures from planets or better still become the most popular game on planet. Although, it will be safe if we say that table tennis will not any anyway be going anywhere anytime soon.

Getting excellent table tennis clothing will do a lot of things for you while a couple of the most important things that good clothing supplies is fantastic technology that boosts the aspects of your general performance that add to your essential grip.

If we examine a tennis shoe, we will first of all notice how points were illustrated previously in the game. Excellent tennis footwear is highly important simply because it provide the grip and traction a player needs that permits a player to switch course with no trouble. The table tennis shoes also include nylon uppers technology with fine mesh that permits air in and out of the shoes which helps to keeps the players’ feet cool, dry and comfy. Foot wares are created to be light in weight in other to have a damaging effect on a players speed. Table tennis is tough on the knee joints and superb shoes that are combines with rubber soles along with shock absorbers that decrease the impact on the joints helps minimize the injury risk that could be sustained by a player. Addidas has a tennis shoe that that is extremely well-liked and also some footwear’s from Babolat, Nike, Asics, Wilson along with a lot and other more popular in the professional game that makes the game extremely easy for player and entertaining for spectators.

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In a nut shell, table tennis has over the years grown to be a very popular game that has brought a lot of entertainment to the world of sports generally. It is hopefully going to make an impact in making world peace whereby people will look up to tennis to make peace. This is a great idea.

The Origins of Ping Pong

Out of all the sports on the planet what is the first one you think of? Is it football? What about rugby? MMA? Basketball? Tennis? It would come to no surprise that these are the first things that you think of when it comes to sports, as those are the most are very popular sports that are played around the world. However there is a sport that nobody really understands or knows about. And this sport is table tennis. There is a good reason why people don’t see table tennis as a sport. It really isn’t taken seriously and it doesn’t take as much energy as other sports. On top of that, it is underestimated as a sport do to the fact that this sport is incredibly small when compared to its larger counterpart. However Ping Pong should not be dismissed missed so easily. There is a large and rich history around the history of Ping Pong. Throughout its history ping pong would set standards by becoming a sport that is popular around the world, a sport so popular that it was even able to make two countries put their differences aside to play it with each other. So let us go over the history of ping pong.

The sport of ping pong is actually very old. The origins of Ping Pong start in the Victorian area in England. When the sport was played at the time, it was usually played by rich higher ups. Ping Pong was actually played as an after dinner parlour game, meaning it was mostly played during parties. During the time the dinner table was turned into a ping pong table to play with when they were playing the game. They would line up the books across like a net, and they would use lids as paddles. The ball would vary from a rubber ball or a champagne cork. During the time it wasn’t called ping pong though, and it went by many different names. Some of these names would include whiff whaff, gossamer, and flim flam. The names originated from the fact that the ball would make different noises when it is knocked back and forth.

Eventually makeshift versions of the games were recommended. The reason for this is because the game was developed even more when the British military was in India during the 1860’s, or was it the 1870’s? Either way it was in the 1860’s and/or 1870’s. When making the table for ping pong during the time, it was made out of a row of books, which was placed in the center to act as a net, with two books used as paddles and used a golf ball as a ping pong ball. The name ping pong came to be when r J. Jaques & Son Ltd registered the name of ping pong for the sport and copyright it. Eventually the most iconic parts of the ping pong sport would be made, mostly the equipment. The first major part of the equipment that was given was the ball. When a man by the name of James W. Gibb went to the United States he found that there were novelty celluloid balls. He noticed the bounce and weight of the ball and knew that this would be the ball that people should use in the sport of ping pong. In the same year, another man by the name of E.C. Goode invented what would become the modern paddle in ping pong. When making the paddle, he got a wooden plank and decided to add a layer of pimpled rubber on it. The table was inspired by an actually tennis court, when it was made to have a net to replace the books that were originally used for the sport of ping pong. These inventions would lead to the modern equipment we have today for ping pong. But this will not be the end of ping pongs history as even at this time ping pong has yet to spread. It is now time to get on to how the sport was able to travel around the world and gain the popularity it has today. But before go that check this video to how table tennis affect

Ping Pong Making a Splash around the World

One of the first countries to get a taste of ping pong that wasn’t England was in fact the United States. The United States not only was introduced to ping pong at the time, but also decided to help in establishing Ping pong as a sport. They did this by making the word ping pong copyrighted. So Ping Pong grew in popularity due to the fact the United States decided that they should in fact make money off of the sport. Another country that gained the joy of ping pong was Japan. This happened in 1902, when a Japanese professor was able to visit England. When he saw the game of ping pong he went back to his home country of Japan and introduced it. The game became popular very quick and caught on with the Japanese people. Eventually England would go around the world and introduce ping pong to multiple countries that they visited or were in control of. For example, England traveled and introduced ping pong to both Vienna and Budapest, and being located in these countries, England was able to introduce ping pong to India and China as well. It wasn’t just the traveling and introducing that worked. Because of the success of the sport people were able to eventually get used to the sport and it grew in popularity. Eventually Ping Pong would spread around the world as a great past time for those in many countries. In china, they were described as having a passion for the English game of table tennis. This love of ping pong in China would spread into Russia. At the time Russia loved ping pong as it was said to combine and help with team work.

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When Ping Pong Began To Become a Modern Sport

Ping Pong was on the rage at the time and more and more people around the world began to play it more. It was then that Ping pong would become a modern sport. This modern sport would start with the first ping pong tournament of mankind. This tournament would be the world championships. This Tournament would be held in 1926 by the Table Tennis Association (which was founded in the U.K in 1921) and the International Table Tennis Federation. This would be the start of many ping pong tournaments. The United States would join the table tennis club, as the United States gained a Table Tennis Association (which would eventually become the USA table tennis) was formed in 1933. The name of the game changed in the year 1950, and all it took was changing the material of the paddle. While the paddle usually had a rubber covering with pimples on it, they were given an under layer of sponge. This under layer of sponge was a game changer in the world of ping pong, as it added a greater spin and speed. This was so powerful that it was introduced to sports goods manufacture S.W. Hancock Ltd. This would cause a great change in the game and it slowed it down just a bit. However this great change would lead to ping pong becoming an Olympic sport during the 1980’s. However in the new millennia, the rules of ping pong will begin to change. In the year 2000, after the Olympics in Australia, views for ping pong did not grow at all. So the question comes up, how you increase the viewing of ping pong games. Enter the ITTF, and their changing of the rules. In order to gain more views with table tennis and make it more of a spectator sport. To do this some of the material needs to change. The paddle has already changed, as they added the sponge layer to the paddle. The next thing to change was the size of the ball. The ball went from 38 mm to 40 mm. The reason for this change is because it would increase the ball’s air resistance and would slow down the game, making the games more intense. Another change the ITTF has made was the scoring system. The ITTF decided to change the point system from 21 to 11. Another change was to switch the serve rotation from five points to two points. This all took effect in September of 2001. The game did in fact grow in popularity thanks to these changes however, so the ITTF did get it right. In the year 2014 all balls that are used where required to be a poly material ball. We have learned the history of what made ping pong what it is today, but what about those countries who have integrated ping pong? We have explained how ping pong traveled to those countries, but not really the effects and the history of ping pong in those exact countries alone.

Ping Pong Saved the World

When people think of ping pong they usually think of just a smaller version of tennis where people just keep smacking the ball back and forth to each other. However there was one time in history, the one time in which ping pong might have actually saved the world from something worse. What is that worst thing you may ask? Enter the Ping-pong diplomacy. The ping pong diplomacy is a historical event in which the United States and China would trade players with each other’s countries. The ping pong diplomacy was triggered by three events. The first being H. Roy Evans, who was the president of the ITTF at the time, was said to have visited china during the 31st World Table Tennis Championship and suggested that China should in fact take steps to connect with the world through international sports events. The second event triggering this was when Leah “Miss Ping” Neuberger was traveling with the Canadian table tennis team and was invited by china to visit the country. China also decided that they would give all of her team visas in order to visit. The final incident that led to it was the meeting between an American ping pong player by the name of Glenn Cowan and a Chinese ping pong player by the name of Zhuang Zedong. This meeting is said to have been what caused the ping pong diplomacy & soon after America and China began to trade, players in order to have a better connection. These events also lead to the visitation of China by the late president Richard Nixon. Okay so what part of this was anywhere near helping people out? Well that thing was that this moment helped stop the deadly cold war. You see before the ping pong diplomacy the cold war was a major thing for both china and the United States, due to their differing views on communism. However with the help of some ping pong players from both china and the United States tensions began to fall. This made sure that the United States was able to form a strong bond with China thanks to the sport. On top of easing relations with China and the United States, it what also lift many trade embargos between the countries and even lead to the first time a United States president has ever set foot in China? In fact a table tennis metaphor was made by Mao himself. He said “The little ball moves the big ball”. This was implying that ping pong had helped the relations of both china and America and also changed the world, as both countries were powerful and had enough influence to change people. It is amazing to see the connections that ping pong has made in the world. The sport has turned once deadly enemies into powerful allies. But what would become of ping pong? What would happen to the sport today, and what usage does it have in the current year?

Ping Pong In The World Today

Ping pong has had a large impact on history, despite being a lesser known sport. So what kinds of things are happening today in ping pong, and what will become of it in the future? As we already went over one of the most major events to ever happen to ping pong was the fact that it has become an Olympic sport, meaning that it has become popular enough to become part of the biggest sporting event in the world. And when it comes to ping pong at the Olympics one of the best countries to every play the sport is, not surprisingly china. China has won many Olympics games, after the year 2000 china would begin a rampage throughout the ping pong games at the Olympics. And that is not the only place where china dominates ping pong. The world championships for ping pong are won by china for the most part. In fact during the year 2005, china was able to walk away with five gold medals that year. China has pretty much been the champions of ping pong no matter what tournament it is. The popularity of ping pong has also increased over the years. One of the reasons for this is of course the changing of the equipment and rules. These changes would eventually lead to a larger audience, as the game was changed to something even more intense than it was before. Past the competitive scene, ping pong is also becoming a favorite pastime for people when they want something to do. Many people have made alternate versions of ping pong, like beer pong, for parties and even for a good time with friends. Many schools order ping pong tables for students to use during gym class. Ping Pong is a great experience for those trying to bond with their friends.

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In conclusion the history of ping pong is something very interesting when you look into it. Ping Pong might not be the first thing you think of when you hear the word sport, but to deny that ping pong has had no impact on history would be very ignorant. Ping Pong has become a great past time since its days as a way for people in Victorian England to enjoy something to do after dinner. It has become one of the most well known sports in the world. A sport, so well known that, it was able to take down one of the harshest moments in human history, and bring two countries that were once in conflict together just to play this one sport. Ping pong has grown to the point where it has become an Olympic sport, showing that the sport is important enough to be a part of one of the largest sporting events in human history. Ping pong is great. And if you have the times why not play it with your friends? You could learn something from it.

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