League of legends minimum system requirements

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minimum requirements for league of legends

League of Legends does not require much CPU power but a decent graphics card is recommended this will determine how well league of legend run on your PC.

  • CPU – Any Dual Core Processor (2 GHz) can get the job done.
  • Graphics – The Graphics Card should be GT 210 or any Integrated graphics system.
  • RAM – Minimum RAM required is 1 GB

A system with these specifications will cost you about 250 $ at most.

What is League Of Legends

League of Legends is the biggest online multiplayer game which gives players a Real Time Strategy Game with Role Playing Game experience. There are millions of people playing the game online at any instant and thus its unpredictability and a real sense of competitiveness make it a fun and addictive experience.

League of Legends reached a new milestone of having 5 million concurrent players globally.

The File Size and Hours Played of League of Legends


Riot has released the patch which makes the file size of the League of Legends about 5-6 Gigabytes. 

The maximum hours played on average is 1 hour 15 minutes while the most played is for 631 days which is about 15,000 hours (Fifteen Thousand) attaining a level of Diamond IV.

Can I run League of Legends on my PC?

As mentioned in the hardware requirements it is clear that a Dual Core processor with 2 Gigabytes of RAM for smooth performance (1 GB would be sufficient too) supported by a GT 210 graphics card will be more than sufficient to run League of Legends on your PC.


How much RAM do I need for Gaming in 2017?


It really varies from person to person. For moderate gamers, a RAM from 4 Gigabytes to 8 Gigabytes should be enough, costing in the range of 50 Dollars. But for someone who follows the new releases should go on for RAM about 32 Gigabytes DDR 4 which costs up to 250 Dollars.

Can You play League of Legends on Mac?

YES, League of Legends is available for both platforms MAC and WINDOWS.


How to check the system requirements on Windows

You have to Right Click on “My Computer” and select “properties”. There you could see your computer specifications and compare it with the mentioned specifications.


Ping is affected by your upload speed. Ping is how long it takes your system to send a signal to the server in milliseconds.

2.5MB/s down and 1MB/s up and ping will be consistent between 20 and 40 ms.

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