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Electronic sports or e-sports are actually mental sports, which include gaming mostly, rather than a physical one. Some categories exclude e-sports because it does not involve physical activity like in the other sports. Although the stress on the gamer is the same as of any other athlete, yet it is not taken into consideration when it comes to physical sports. But another category that his sport falls in is the “mind sports” category and why not, as there is immense use of all senses during the gaming battle.


Games such as “Call of Duty”, “DOTA”, “Cross Fire” , “FIFA”, ”Mortal Kombat”, “GTA” and much more we are familiar with, have been ruling over the world of gaming. Different small and large scale competitions are being organized every day and even every hour.
The “ESL or Electronic Sports league” is the place for the true gamer. It’s just like the football’s “Barclays Premiere League or the Spanish LA-LIGA league” but the league of gamer. Contestants from around the globe participate in this league to face different competitors and to challenge their expertise (Even I go too!). Gaming groups appear as a team in different categories of competitions and compete as a team and individuals as wellESL-logo-021313


Video games have always been the favorite of many of us in the past. Spending most of our time playing “Mario-Brothers”, “Metal-Slug” and many other games as well was a daily routine. But as the time passed, we grew and so did our games. Today’s games are not that simple and neither they have boring graphics like the old ones do. With the advance in the technology and the use of Nano-techs, the words of “Smaller Size, Bigger Package” are becoming a reality. Programmers are busy in writing different situational codes and designing various algorithms for game scenarios. The graphic designers and animators play a huge part in this epic advancement. With different graphics software such as “Sketchbook-Pro”, “Mud box”, “Adobe-Illustrator” and many more, the world of gaming is heavily revolutionized in terms of graphics and display.esports-betting


But with every game being highly developed and functionalized, the gamer is required to upgrade their PC’s as well. The minimum requirement for the games released and to be featured in 2016, include RAMs no less than 6 GB at-least, data storage and hard disk space require 100 GB space minimum (GTA-V did), not to mention the graphics card is required the most, let’s not forget that it’s not nice to play alone when your friends are calling you out on the field. So that’s why you are required of an internet connection as well and with all that, your system could easily melt away in amount of time, and to make sure that does not happen to your system you need some extra arrangements as well.
Well for some eccentric gamers, every hour they wait for the next game to arrive, is the wastage of their life time. They are all well prepared for the next game to arrive and have upgraded their gaming partner as well. They not only reach excel at single player gaming modes but they also are brilliant at multiplayer gaming modes. These gamers push through their limits to achieve the best of their ratings. They participate in every competition possible, individual or as team to get as much experience as possible, in order to improve their gaming skill. For some it’s also a source of income, by playing for the representative team or company, they get to earn their livelihood as well as respect and name in the gaming world. Those who are unable to get their gear ready to go, utilize their budget accommodated to participate in gaming events using the gadgets provided by the management. If they are lucky enough, they could win the cash, the gaming respect, maybe get along in a team or represent individually in a better way and who knows they might as well win in big leagues just as “Sumail Hassan” did!

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