Yahoo E-Sports & ESL Partnership

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An amazing news just fled in for e-sports fans around the world. Yahoo e-sports partners with organizers ESL to broadcast events and create new tournaments.

ESL, the major e-sports organizer, is teaming up with Yahoo to broadcast and to create new competitive gaming tournaments.

With a two-year agreement, Yahoo will live stream many of the ESL contests and tournaments. Yahoo isn’t only covering e-sports, it’s also starting some of its own events and will be working to create new events for the organization.8fb56619-504e-11e6-bb72-23f989b690e1_600x400

Previously, Yahoo focused just on covering the sports, but now the company is steeping over as the creator of events and pro gaming content as well.

E-sports is an $892 million market and growing, and with yahoo stepping over, the market is to expand even more with greater more pace.

With Yahoo now accompanying ESL, it will now act as the destination for live HD-quality e-sports video while providing even more of the show. More reporting on the events as ESL ONE and Intel Extreme Masters, will add to the profile of Yahoo e-sports team. This will also help the team to establish themselves as a Legit resource for competitive gaming news.

Yahoo video and e-sports vice president Zachary John said on this occasion

“Our Yahoo e-sports team is extremely excited to be partnering with ESL to bring even greater coverage of its leading e-sports events”.

He further added in a canned statement

“Yahoo’s unique storytelling, highly talented editorial staff and global scale are a great combination with ESL’s experience and leadership in the space”.esl+gui+2011

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On the other hand, ESL uses this as promotion of its products. This is important because in every business, a bulk of revenue is generated via sponsorship and the brands are more willing to spend cash if they know they’re getting a large audience.

E-sports is known for attracting audience in the key demographic of males of ages 13-34. ESL can compound the effects of that viewership by broadcasting on sites like Twitch and Yahoo.

“ESL in a unique position to be able to offer access to some of the world’s best e-sports competitions,”

ESL senior vice president of sales said in a statement.

“And having a partner like Yahoo e-sports means we will not only reach a broader audience with a supreme quality broadcast, but also deliver exclusive editorial content for e-sports fans worldwide. Yahoo e-sports is a fantastic partner to team up with for the broadcast and coverage of our key events, and we are looking forward to working with them on new and exciting content for our viewers.”

The fans all around the world are up to the level and are expecting a thunder some union of both the organizations.

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