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Derived from Spanish word tramp olin (diving board). In 1934, sport of Trampoline was invented by American gymnasts ‘George Nissen’ and ’Larry Griswold’, they created the first modern trampoline at the University of Iowa. … Read More

Juggling – A BrainBooster

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 Juggling is  To toss and catch (two or more objects) so that at least one of them is in the air at all times. To keep (several objects, as balls) in continuous motion in the air simultaneously by tossing and catching -to hold, catch, or balance precariously. Juggling is primarily a way of making things fly through the air in a controlled fashion, but if you practice juggling seriously you will find that it increases … Read More

Gymnastics – World Champions Men

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Men’s gymnastics world champions (World Gymnastics Championships) 1950: Switzerland– Winner of all around team Walter Lehmann (Switz.) – Winner of all around individual Paavo Aaltonen (Fin.) – Horizontal Bars champion Hans Eugster (Switz.) … Read More

History of Gymnastics

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  History – Gymnastics Gymnastics has been in existence as an activity sport since 2000 years and 100 years old competitive sport. Who invented Gymnastics Actual inventor of Gymnastics is a mystery, it began … Read More