Correct way to hold a skateboard

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How to hold a skateboard

In this article, we are going to describe the “Correct way to hold a skateboard“. . Heel The most important thing to know here is the placement of your heel should be at … Read More

How to do tricks on a skateboard step by step (FOR BEGINNERS)

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Everyone loves tricks especially if it is a skateboard tricks. Today I will share some information for you to learn some new tricks. There are lots of tricks that you can do with … Read More

Skateboard Buying Guide and Building Custom Skateboard

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     There are two options “Custom” and “Ready made”. Things to consider before Buying Skateboard The first thing that you should do while buying a skateboard is to make “quality” as your … Read More

How to do Easy and Basic Cool skate boarding tricks OLLIE | Tips and Guide for Beginners Skateboard Games

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  Every great achievement starts with a decision to try. In the following article we are going to discuss about the art of skate boarding from its very basics. The following article will … Read More

Nyjah Huston: The Best Skateboarder

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  “It’s strange phenomenon how this piece of woods, wheels and a turning system have made so many people happy” – Chris Cole (Professional Skateboarder) According to Nyjah Huston, skateboarding is the thing … Read More