Accessories Used in Badminton

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I group 7 items under it. They are Grips, Badminton clothes, Cap, Wrist bands, Head bands, Socks, Shoes. Grips Used in Badminton It is necessary that you have a good hold on your racket … Read More

Basics about Badminton – Things You Need to Know!

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Badminton is a game, which is played by using racket to hit a shuttlecock across the net. Usually this game is played between two players, one on each side of the net. It … Read More

Badminton : eqipments and how to play

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Introduction Badminton is a physical game played by racquet and shuttlecock across a net.It can also be played as a casual outdoor activity with friends or family in a yard or a beach.While,formal … Read More