Places in United Kingdom to go Skydiving.

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Hi everyone, would you like to go skydiving in United Kingdom (UK) ? Here we will show you the best places in UK to go skydiving! Let’s JUMP. 1.Nottinghamshire. You can jump over … Read More

SKYDIVING in Famous Tourist Place in NEPAL

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SKYDIVING Famous Tourist Place NEPAL check it out

Arriving to the Nepal. Feel the Thrill of Skydiving in Nepal  Nepal is country of Himalayan Mountains and most of the people follow two religions, Hinduism and Buddhism.for skydiving Nepal is the world … Read More

Lo necesario para hacer Paracaidismo

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Te estás iniciando en el paracaidismo o te quieres iniciar pero, ¿no sabes qué se necesita? No te preocupes en este artículo te hablaremos de lo necesario para iniciarte en este divertido deporte. … Read More

Skydiving in Japan One of the famous places For Skydiving that you don’t want to miss

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skydiving in japan with friends. everyone should try

Between the mountain flatland you don’t want to miss this if you want to do skydiving in japan; Do you want to fly through the cloud! Select the right place to jump from … Read More

Skydiving Records

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Best Skydiving Records

The skydiving is a sport, and as every sport, it has it’s own records. In this article you will see the greatest records that have been broken in the Skydiving: 1.Highest Jump: In  … Read More

Lugares para hacer Paracaidismo en España.

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Hola, ¿quieres hacer paracaidismo y conocer España a la vez? o simplemente quieres vivir una experiencia distinta? Pues acá te hablaré de los mejores lugares para hacer Paracaidismo en España! 1. Madrid. La … Read More


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HISTORY OF SKYDIVING In the modern world Parachuting or skydiving is a very familiar term to all. Skydiving is a method of transiting from a high point to Earth with the aid of … Read More

Experience the best Skydiving moments in Key West, USA

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Skydiving is all excitement and comes somewhat under the sports genre. It is very interesting, adventurous, and courageous sports game.  To attempt the skydiving, a person should be brave, courageous and have the … Read More

How to Skydive: Complete Guide with Tips and Tricks

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If you are tired of your boring daily life and routine, or you just haven’t experienced a thrilling adventure for a long time, Skydiving is for you. You can never experience the adrenaline … Read More

The Best Places in the World to go Skydiving!

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Hi everybody, if you’d like to go skydiving for the first time, or you are already an expert, you can’t miss this places to JUMP! and enjoy a good view at the same … Read More