Places to Skydive in Canada

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Hi everybody! in this article we will talk you about the best places to Skydive in Canada. Let’s get satarted! 1.Toronto. It’s a good place for Newbies. Toronto has the oldest skydving school. … Read More

WOMEN SKYDIVING History and Famous Female Skydiver

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Women Skydiving in the Past: Everywhere in the world event in outer space women’s has great contributions. So, why not in the skydiving,  jumping from high altitude. The history of women skydiving is great. Women … Read More

10 Best And Most Famous Places For Skydiving!

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Many people have a wish list of the things they desire to do before they die. Skydiving appears on these lists quite often, and also, for a good reason. There has always been a particular allure … Read More

5 Famous Skydivers Of The History

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Some Famous Skydivers History

Hi everybody, here we will show you the top famous skydivers in the history! these skydivers will amaze you by their story. 1. Famous Skydivers | Jean-Pierre Blanchard. Jean-Pierre Blanchand was born in july 4, … Read More

SKYDIVING Without Parachute and World Record

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Luke Aikins a 42-years Professional skydiver make a history in the skydiving world on July 30, 2016. He jumped from a plane of altitude of 25000 feet without a parachute! He relied on … Read More


AhmedSkydiving Places

skydive Dubai

So you’re visiting Dubai for vacations soon. Apart from the usual attractions like desert safari, you want to do something exciting, something which can make your trip a memorable one. Now the question … Read More

Flying indoors made possible! ( Indoor skydiving AKA wind tunnel skydiving)

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Does the prospect of throwing yourself off an airplane flying at thousands of meters above the ground give you goosebumps? If your answer is in the affirmative, then you are certainly and definitely … Read More

Everything you should know about Skydiving in Belize.

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Hi, in this article you will find information about Skydiving in Belize. Let’s get started! Belize is a Central American country that has a lot of beautyful places to be seen from above. … Read More

5 Best Places to Sky Dive!

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Picture this, you reach the drop zone in immense excitement and your heart begins to race as you see others jump into nowhere. It’s about time for you to jump out of a … Read More

Skydiving- A Sport for all Thrill Lovers!

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As a famous skydiving quote says, “You only live once. Take chances”, it won’t be wrong to claim that skydiving indeed calls for more than just spending your cash. As a matter of … Read More