Extreme skydiving | 5 Extreme Skydives!

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Extreme Skydiving ? Isn’t Skydiving Already Extreme !!! Skydiving isn’t an everyday sports that we do. It is kind of extreme!! If you don’t believe check out the video and you decide for … Read More

Don Kellner – Best Skydiver & Guinness Record Holder in Skydiving History

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A Little Skydiving History about The Amazing Guinness Record Holder Don Kellner is an Air Force veteran, and although he spend more than 3 thousand hours military air ship, he never jumped. In June … Read More

WOMEN SKYDIVING History and Famous Female Skydiver

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Women Skydiving in the Past: Everywhere in the world event in outer space women’s has great contributions. So, why not in the skydiving,  jumping from high altitude. The history of women skydiving is great. Women … Read More

5 Famous Skydivers Of The History

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Some Famous Skydivers History

Hi everybody, here we will show you the top famous skydivers in the history! these skydivers will amaze you by their story. 1. Famous Skydivers | Jean-Pierre Blanchard. Jean-Pierre Blanchand was born in july 4, … Read More

SKYDIVING Without Parachute and World Record

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Luke Aikins a 42-years Professional skydiver make a history in the skydiving world on July 30, 2016. He jumped from a plane of altitude of 25000 feet without a parachute! He relied on … Read More