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Introduction Mousesports (abbreviated as mouz) is a professional gaming organization based out of Germany. Mousesports is the most successful German e-sports club and one of the most storied professional gaming teams worldwide. Mousesports fields teams in … Read More

OpTic Gaming

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Introduction       OpTic Gaming, LLC., also referred to as the The Green Wall, is a professional American eSports team and competitive gaming company. OpTic currently has teams playing Call of Duty, Halo, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was founded in … Read More

Team Secret

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Team Secret Introduction Team Secret is one of the famous names in the records of e-sports. The foundation of the organization was laid not w while back ago but in August 2014. The … Read More

ESL Technology

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With the advancement in the technology used worldwide and the use of Nano-techs around the world to minimize the occupied space and to increase the optimization of the device, the gaming industry is … Read More

ESL-Team Liquid

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Another worth known team in e-sports is “Team Liquid”. TL, a video game website and a multiregional professional e-sports organization, has made its way through various divisions of e-sports and carried its name … Read More

Electronic Sports

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Electronic sports or e-sports are actually mental sports, which include gaming mostly, rather than a physical one. Some categories exclude e-sports because it does not involve physical activity like in the other sports. … Read More