Boffer Fighting: A pretentious form of sports?

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Boffer merely as well as categorically represents weaponry and armaments that is made up of latex, a special form of rubber. Such instruments are usually molded from foam and created for the purpose … Read More

AXE THROWING: Let’s bury the hatchet and gain some points

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If you really want to bury the hatchet with any of your rival or you want to end the rivalry, then this sport is the best suitable way to make it possible. The … Read More

Softball vs. Baseball the Controversy

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Contents1 Why is there a softball versus baseball debate?1.1 Differences in the Balls: 1.2 Differences in the Softball Innings:1.3 Differences in Field Build: 1.4 Differences in Pitching: 1.5 Differences in Pay:1.6 Controversy Conclusion: … Read More

Street Football for Dummies: Tips & Tricks on how to play

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Contents1 Street Football for Dummies: Tips & Tricks on how to play1.0.1 1, What you need: a, Pitch: b, Gear1.0.2 2, Rules and Regulations:1.0.3 4, Tips & Tricks:2 Around The Web Street Football … Read More

History of Table Tennis (History of ping pong)

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Contents0.1 HISTORY OF TABLE TENNIS0.1.1 The Origins of Ping Pong0.1.2 Ping Pong Making a Splash around the World0.1.3 When Ping Pong Began To Become a Modern Sport0.1.4 Ping Pong Saved the World0.1.5 Ping … Read More